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1063 Holmes Road
Bronson, Michigan 49028


Special Rates for Community or Charitable Events​​

Please contact us for specific package details, options,
and our detailed price list. 

​​For whole lodge or room rental please call for information, rates, and availability: 309-657-2563
   ​​​​​​​​​​​ Weddings​​​​            Family Reunions             Showers          Anniversary Parties   

Business Retreats              Vacations            Corporate Meetings

Community Events           Youth Programs                 Catered Dinners

  1. $100-130
    Purple Room
    Purple Room
    King room with twin bed and ornate Florence stove. Sleeps three
  2. $100-115
    Gold Room
    Gold Room
    Exquisite double room with a beautiful tiled fireplace
  3. $100-115
    Blue Room
    Blue Room
    Exquisite double room with a beautiful tiled fireplace
  4. $100-130
    Ensuite Room
    Ensuite Room
    Our ensuite double room has its own private bath with shower and tub
  5. $100-130
    Cathedral Room
    Cathedral Room
    Our largest room, Queen bed 2 story cathedral ceiling 6 windows with expansive views
  6. $100-110
    Green Room
    Green Room
    Two twins configured for individuals or made up as a king bed
  1. Blue room
  2. Purple room
  3. Gold room
  4. Vaulted two story bed room
  5. Grand stairway
  6. First parlor
  7. Dinning room
  8. Master bath
  9. Vaulted bed room
  10. Large back yard
  11. Gourmet kitchen
  12. Trail through the woods
  13. Pond by the house
  14. Fall colors
  15. Green room
  16. Grand ball room
  17. Kitchen crowd
  18. Formal entrance to the Grand Ballroom
  19. Walk through the woods
  20. Ezra E. Beardsley mansion revitalized
  21. Second Parlor
  22. Labor of Love Story

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